Hi, I’m Lizzie, an award winning Personal Stylist trained by Colour Me Beautiful and I’d be delighted to help you with your wardrobe dilemmas.

My own colour and style journey began during a long recovery from serious illness when, with my confidence at a very low ebb, I fulfilled a long held dream to ‘have my colours done’ ready for an important family event.

I did some research and booked in with my nearest Colour Me Beautiful consultant. I felt liberated and more confident as she shared with me the colours that worked best for me and I instantly made the decision to train as a consultant myself in the hope that I could help other people in this way too.

So I spent my annual leave from my job as a postwoman training with Colour Me Beautiful – best holidays ever! – and spent my days off in my studio with my clients. Out on my post round, my clients and I shared many a smile when they answered my knock at their door and found me on their doorstep, parcel in hand, with my hair awry and wearing an ill-becoming Royal Mail uniform, looking quite unlike my personal-stylist self!

Those doorstep meetings are now in the past as I retired from Royal Mail a couple of years ago to devote more time to my clients and my colour and style business.

I feel so privileged to meet people from all walks of life and help them by doing the job I love, and I look forward to meeting you too, either online, or here at my peaceful home studio in the West Highlands.