A Colour Review is for you if you’ve had your colours done and

  • your hair colour has changed or
  • you feel as though your colours aren’t working anymore.

What you get

  • Guidance on how to wear your colours for your lifestyle and personality
  • An optional free makeup discussion and application
  • Opportunity to buy makeup and accessories in your colours
  • Option to buy new swatches to bring your wallet up to date

Closer look

I use the Colour Me Beautiful tonal colour analysis system which is very flexible and nuanced so that you receive a personalised analysis based on your unique combination of hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. 

I’ll check your colours and explain why your best colours might have changed. You’ll discover the range of lovely colours and shades that suit you and how to combine them so you look healthy and feel your best, all the time.

I’ll select any new swatches you might need to bring your wallet up to date and give you guidance on your best shades and how to bring them into your current wardrobe.

Useful to know

  • The price for your one-to-one in-person Colour Review is £100
  • Your Colour Review will take up to 2 hours
  • You have the option to buy new swatches to bring your wallet up to date (the price of a complete new wallet of 42 swatches is £60 but you may not need a full set)
  • Your colour analysis will be done with you bare-faced wearing no makeup
  • An optional discussion on makeup and a day-time makeup application is included in the consultation. I’ll also advise on the contents of your current makeup bag if you wish
  • Bring along some items from your wardrobe that you don’t often wear and I’ll give you tips on how to rescue any not-so-great colours
  • Free 30 minute online follow-up consultation
  • Face-to-face advice on new purchases etc is available. Please get in touch to book an appointment