I’ve had a lifetime of dealing with cold legs in chilly weather as I feel the cold more than anyone I know, so here are my tips on how to keep your pins warm without breaking the bank.

If you don’t want to invest in special cold weather clothing such as thermal jeans or fleece lined tights, shop your wardrobe for layering pieces. Wear your usual tights under leggings and trousers, or your everyday leggings under trousers. Or liven things up by wearing lacy tights over plain tights or leggings as I’ve done here – cold weather dressing needn’t be boring!

Pay attention to the composition of the fabric too. Wool is warm and lightweight compared to cotton. Silk is another option, either on its own or in combination with other fibres such as cotton or wool. Or try polyester fleece if you prefer synthetic fabrics.

If you do want to buy special clothing for cold weather, tights and leggings in wool, silk and synthetic fibres are all available, along with thermal jeans and fleece lined tights. My personal favourites for luxe loungewear are these cosy and soft merino and cashmere luxe lounge joggers from www.woolovers.com. They have the added bonus of being sufficiently roomy to allow leggings to be worn underneath for even more warmth too.