It’ll come as no surprise that I suggest you shop your wardrobe before buying a complete new outfit for the festive season, but this year going out-out will be a little different for many of us.

Elastic waists or wrap dresses will still be top of the list for comfort after those big dinners, but bear in mind that you might need a warm layer too if windows will be open, so think about cosy vests and fleece-lined tights or leggings under your glad rags if you feel the cold. I always have a large scarf that can be used as a wrap with me too.

 A few well-chosen accessories will elevate an outfit from ‘everyday’ to ‘evening’ simply and quickly and won’t break the bank either. Layering your necklaces, half-tucking your top, or creating an asymmetric hemline (gather the fabric to get the look you want and then secure it with an elastic band on the inside) are all quick and easy ways to update your look without needing to buy new.

This velvet dress from Fatface ticks a lot of boxes with its cosy fabric, wrap design and deep teal colour which will flatter most complexions.

Talking of colour. Of course I’d love to see an array of colours, but I know many of you like to wear black for evenings out so here are my tips on wearing black.

Black only appears in three of the six main dominant palettes; Deeps, Cools and Clears, all of whom wear this shade well. If you feel that black ‘wears’ you then you’re likely to fall into one of our other three palettes, in which case I always recommend wearing it away from your face, in fabric that absorbs light as opposed to reflecting it.

That said, Light Navy, Bronze, Charcoal Grey and Chocolate Brown are fabulous alternatives and are much more forgiving than their deeper cousin.

I haven’t decided on my own festive outfit yet because it depends on the weather, but I’ll be digging in my wardrobe to find one of my favourite dresses and adding a cheerful scarf in one of my best shades. Festive dressing needn’t be complicated!