There are many variations of ‘The 10×10 Challenge’, but in a nutshell, the idea is to choose 10 items of clothing and create different outfits with them over 10 consecutive days. I’ve found it very useful and enjoyable so I’d recommend you try it to see whether it is helpful for you too.

For myself and my clients, I changed the name to ‘10×10 Discovery’ because ‘challenge’ sounds a bit, well, ‘challenging’, and I think that we should all be kind to ourselves. There is no right and wrong in the 10×10 process; no need to feel bad if you give up part way through; and no reason not to swap the clothes if you need to. If you find that your clothing choices aren’t working, try to work out why that is and then feel free to change them.

The point of the 10×10 process is to find out more about yourself and your clothes and

  • To discover new ways of wearing and combining your clothes
  • To discover new outfits using your existing clothes
  • To identify gaps in your wardrobe
  • To find a ready-made ‘capsule’ wardrobe for trips away from home

I find it very helpful to focus on a small section of my wardrobe using the 10×10 discovery process every so often. I made a surprising number of useful and unexpected discoveries during my 10×10 with the clothes shown in the photo, such as finding a lovely way to wear a special brooch and realising that my charcoal-blue tunic which has a feature collar can be worn underneath other garments but with the collar visible on the top layer to create several new outfits .

You might find it tricky to choose the 10 items for your 10×10. I picked these out in just a few minutes, but at one time I would have struggled. I used to buy my clothes one outfit at a time and the individual items didn’t mix and match with other items in my wardrobe, but that all changed when I had my colour analysis. Once I had my swatch wallet and the understanding about how to wear my colours, I gradually worked through my wardrobe over a period of time and now every item of clothing goes with loads of other garments.

Now I can easily pick out a capsule wardrobe with a minimum of time and fuss and be confident in my choices. That’s the magic of Colour Analysis!