If you struggle to find footwear to fit, I feel your pain. Here’s a quick round-up of some brands which either specialise in wide-fitting shoes or stock wide-fit alongside their standard styles:

Next, New Look, Sargasso and Grey, Hotter, Evans, ASOS, M&S, Camper, Calla, Vionic, Solebliss, Rieker.

I haven’t tried most of these brands myself but Rieker is my go-to brand for my wide-toed and narrow-heeled feet.

Another option is to try mens’ or boys’ footwear as it’s generally wider and has a deeper toe box.

Do you have a favourite wide-fit footwear brand that I’ve missed off the list?

I’m always on the lookout so please let me know!

Edit, January 2022. Looking for very wide or deep footwear? I came across this brand when looking for shoes for a client: www.dbshoes.co.uk