Online shopping is here to stay and I have a few tips to help you!

Before you order

  • Clothing models are usually tall. Sometimes the model’s height is specified but it’s generally around 5’8.
  • Most garments are designed for height 5’5 (unless specified as Petite or Tall).
  • Check the sizing info. Sizing varies widely between different companies and between garments.
  • Garment length is usually given for size M or UK12. Increments are usually 2cm per clothing size
  • Measure the length of your favourite tops, dresses etc as a guide before you start
  • Look out for the words ‘relaxed fit’, ‘semi-fitted’, ‘fitted’
  • Check fabric type and washing instructions
  • Check the position of seams, pockets etc
  • Check whether you’ve ordered the item previously. A few years ago I accidentally reordered something unsuitable so now I make a note of my reason for returning any items on my copy of the returns slip and keep the slips in a folder. I also keep the delivery note for anything I might want to reorder eg underwear, so I can check sizes and style names. Maybe I’m a bit OTT but it saves me a lot of time as I forget details because I don’t buy clothes very often. 
  • Top tip! Take the time to mouse-around to find extra info on sizing, fabric, fit etc

Trying-on tips

  • You may need to return some items. Any returned items which can’t be resold will drive up prices and it’s not great for the planet either. Odour and pet hair are the two main culprits. Be aware that the odour of body lotion (even if you think yours isn’t highly perfumed) is very difficult to remove so plan your try-on session for after your shower but before you apply body lotion. And keep the clothes off your bed if you have a bed-loving pet!
  • Stay makeup-free while you have your try-on session. For one thing makeup can stain garments, but also being makeup-free ls a good test of whether a colour suits you. If you feel that you need makeup to make a garment ‘work’ for you then maybe it’s not a great colour for you.
  • Take photos and look at them the following day. A photo gives a more objective view than looking in the mirror.
  • Double-check the care instructions on the label. Will the need for dry-cleaning or hand washing stop you wearing the garment? There’s no right or wrong answer, just be true to yourself and your situation. Personally, I enjoy washing a few items by hand every week or so but frequent dry-cleaning is out of the question due to the cost.


  • If you’ve had a colour analysis you’ll have chosen garments that are roughly in your palette although colour reproduction can be unreliable on screen. When your clothes arrive you’ll be able to check the colours against your swatch wallet. Don’t forget that the colour doesn’t need to match exactly. It just needs to blend with your swatches. If you haven’t had a colour analysis yet ask yourself whether we see the garment before we see you, and whether you look drawn and ill or vibrant and healthy.
  • Bear in mind that colour names vary between retailers so ‘Taupe’ in your swatch wallet might not be the same as a retailer’s ‘Taupe’. 


  • If you’ve had a style analysis you’ll already have narrowed down the styles that work for you before ordering. If you haven’t had a style analysis yet ask yourself if the garment fits with the image you want to project. Do you ‘feel like you’ when you’re wearing it. Are you happy with the way it looks on your body and the physical feel of it?