Are you suffering from decision fatigue? Struggling to choose your clothes every morning? Or just looking for an easier life? 

Twelve months ago I decided to simplify my mornings by creating a capsule wardrobe as part of my self-care practice. I chose only the clothes I knew I would definitely wear in the following three months for my capsule and I put the rest out of sight. I thought I might get bored with the limited outfit options but I discovered that I didn’t, and that I would be okay with even fewer clothes, especially as I know that if an unexpected event comes up I could easily get something suitable to wear out of my non-capsule wardrobe. I’ve used this 3-month capsule method for a year now and I’m still feeling the benefit of it, so I’m planning to continue with it.

A 3-month capsule works well for me, but a shorter or longer time span might work better for you, depending on your lifestyle and the variations in weather where you live.

After a year with my capsule wardrobe experiment, I now have more clarity around which items I wear, how often I wear them and why I wear them, so I know exactly what to buy and what to avoid, plus the huge benefit of fewer decisions to make when I’m starting my day.

Wardrobe clarity and easier mornings – definitely a winner!