Online or in My Studio

Quick facts

You will receive

  • The knowledge and confidence to express yourself through your clothing
  • A personalised book and a bespoke Style Report
  • The knowledge to dress comfortably and confidently every day

Closer look

Would you like to know how to dress in a way that expresses who you are while projecting the image of yourself that you aspire to? Do you want to be able to assess the items already in your wardrobe, along with any potential purchases, to create a streamlined, personalised wardrobe that makes dressing easy and stress free?

By investing in a style consultation you’ll gain the information you need to update your existing wardrobe, feel confident in your choices and avoid costly shopping errors in the future.

We’ll discuss your personality, lifestyle, aspirations and budget to give you a wardrobe that will

  • Be relevant to your lifestyle
  • Make the most of the pieces you already own
  • Contain versatile items that can be combined to make multiple outfits
  • Ensure that you look current without needing to buy the latest fashions
  • Allow you to express your unique personality with confidence
  • Allow you to dress comfortably and confidently every day

You’ll learn how to select accessories, fabrics, patterns and clothing styles that work for you and your lifestyle and you’ll have the chance to put your new knowledge into practise when we look at items from your wardrobe that you’ve brought with you. I’ll help you to see why you enjoy wearing some items and not others and perhaps suggest how to make them more wearable for you.

You’ll receive a personalised book and a bespoke Style Report documenting the points covered in the consultation along with links to suitable items and stores for any future purchases.

Useful to know

  • The price of your Style consultation is £160
  • Your Style consultation will take between 2.5 and 3 hours
  • Bring along some items from your wardrobe that you love and some that you don’t often wear for discussion
  • I’m happy to provide a 30-minute online follow-up consultation free of charge