Trousers too big on the waist?

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is ‘Where can I find trousers to fit my hourglass figure?’. I understand this problem well as my waist is 10” smaller than my hips. In addition to the trousers gaping at the waist, hourglass figures also often have a longer than average crotch to waist measurement, or ‘rise’, so the trousers are uncomfortable to wear.

Trousers have so many ‘fit points’ ie, waist, hips, thighs, rise, inseam etc, that it can be difficult to find a pair that are comfortable and flattering, so one option is to have them made for you by a local seamstress/tailor. You’ll be able to choose a fabric in your best colour along with your preferred styling and zip placement too. For a streamlined look I recommend a side zip and no pockets.

Here are some suggestions if you’d rather buy ‘off the peg’:

I don’t often wear trousers but these two styles fit me fairly well jersey palazzo pants (pictured) amina jeggings

Also worth a look are:

MandS jeggings

Some Robell styles

You’ll find lots more options if you search for ‘1940s style trousers uk’ and there are also patterns to make your own if your sewing skills are up to it.

If you’re in the US try ‘curvy’ styles at Ann Taylor, Loft and Talbots.

Tip: If your trousers are only slightly too big on the waist, a piece of wide elastic stitched to the inside of the waistband at the back might help to close the gap.