Quick facts

What you get

  • An orderly wardrobe holding only items that you like and that give you confidence
  • More outfits from your current clothes
  • A personalised Wardrobe Report detailing any gaps in your wardrobe and your next steps towards your dream wardrobe

Closer look

Bursting closet? Overwhelmed by your wardrobe? Loads of clothes but nothing to wear? Want a tidy wardrobe and more outfits using the clothes you already own?

Invest in a Wardrobe Review and discover that you can enjoy getting dressed each day without breaking the bank.

If you’ve already had Colour and/or Style consultations that’s great but it doesn’t matter if you haven’t. We’ll discuss your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, your aspirations and what you’d like to achieve beforehand.

Don’t worry about the size or state of your wardrobe, I won’t be fazed or judgemental. My aim is always to keep as much of your current wardrobe as possible and limit new purchases to exactly what you need, which saves you time and money (and it’s good for the planet too). We’ll work through your wardrobe together and I may suggest that some items should be moved on, or altered in some way to make them more wearable for you, but you are always in control.

I’ll show you easy ways to rescue those things that aren’t ideal and fabulous new outfit combinations using items you already own.

I’ll also create your own personalised Wardrobe Report which will be sent to you after your Wardrobe Review, noting the points we covered, any wardrobe gaps you might wish to fill to give you maximum usage of your current clothing, and any next steps you might wish to take towards your perfect wardrobe.

What you will need

  • An open mind
  • A camera or phone
  • A full-length mirror if you have one
  • Nothing else!

Useful to know

  • An average Wardrobe Review will take between 3 and 6 hours
  • The price for your Wardrobe Review is £120 for 3 hours and £30 for every additional hour
  • Travel expenses will be agreed in advance
  • Free 30 minute online follow-up consultation
  • Face-to-face advice on new purchases etc is available. Please get in touch to book an appointment